engaging kids

So...Why Play Games?

Kids love games. They will play the same game over and over, long after most adults grow weary of it. So why is this such a good thing for children and why should parents encourage and play games with their children.
Children can learn a tremendous amount from games. Many games are designed to review skills that are important for children to learn. The best part is, children will experience many repetitions of the same skill when it is disguised in a game but would tire of it if the repetitions came in the form of drill and practice.

Traveling Fun with Kids

Any parent who has taken a road trip is all to familiar with the infamous questions--- "When are we gonna get there? How much farther? Are we there yet?..." As dreaded as the incessant questions may be, they are certainly preferable to other commonly heard things when traveling with kids. You know what they are.... "Stop touching me! He/she is on my side of the car! Make him/her give that back!"

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